Monday, August 26, 2013

Night Photography at 30th Street Station

This was a very good weekend for night photography. For those who do not know, it is always a good choice to bring a tripod.Especially if you are partial to slow shutter and/or HDR photography.  When shooting at night I prefer to shoot at 100 ISO (or ASA) at around f11. This way I can limit the noise that creeps in and get a nice sharp image. Of course, this results in nice long shutter (usually 35 seconds to 1 minute and 10 seconds). However, it is definitely worth it. A nice clean image always trumps a grainy one.On this occasion, I was able to photography around the 30th street station. I was tempted to shoot indoor. But the opportunity to shoot in that area with a somewhat sturdy tripod was to good to pass up. I shot with the 8 millimeter Rokinon  and the 24 to 105 millimeter Canon. I am happy with the results. I did get enough lens flair to make Michael Bay do a dance, but it couldn't be helped.

Any way, here are a few of the pictures that I took. Hope you enjoy. If you like them, you can purchase any of the three at:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Short Tamron 90mm SP Di Maco lens review

I recently purchased a Tamron 90mm SP Di Maco lens. I have to say that this purchase was well worth it. This lens produces sharp detailed images. I was initially concerned that the hype about this lens was not warranted. Mainly because, third party lenses have been a mixed bag for me. Some perform great, while others produce images that have so much color fringing that it looks like the world is coated in rainbows. Fortunately,  Tamron put their best foot forward with this lens. The color is good, I really haven't experienced much chromatic aberration and focusing the lens isn't that bad. As a macro this lens is excellent. I can focus with the lens six inches from the subject!

On the negative side. This is the noisiest lens I have ever owned. I'm not talking about image quality. That is excellent. I'm taking about the barrel noise. This thing is loud. I'm not sneaking up on any insects with this lens. Also, the body feels cheap, like most entry level kit lenses. I recommend that you keep this lens secure at all times. If you drop it, you may soon regret it.

With that being said, this lens is worth the noise and the extra caution. The lens does what it is suppose to do. Which is to deliver clean, sharp images. I highly recommend it!

Here are a few pictures I took with this lens. If you like them you can purchase them on my Fine Art America store. Here is the link