Saturday, June 22, 2013

Short Review of Rokinon 8mm ultra wide f3.5 fisheye lens

I just purchased a Rokinon 8mm ultra wide f3.5 fisheye lens with the detachable lens hood. This is a fully manual lens with  aperture that ranges from f3.5 to f22. However, if you shoot at f8 (and 3 meters), you will get excellent focus. So, I wouldn't go above f11 unless you are trying slow up the shutter speed. I must say that this lens produces clean images. I did experience a little chromatic aberrations. but this is easily corrected in post. Prior to this lens my main ultra wide lens was the Tokina 12-24mm f/4 lens. Please do not misunderstand, the Tokina is still my go to lens in situations that I need a wide lens. But, the Rokinon has earned a place in my bag. I purchased the version with the detachable lens hood and I am glad I did. Firstly, it makes the lens so much easier to clean. I tried cleaning it with the hood attached just to see what it would be like if I had purchased the other model. It was a bit difficult to clean around the edge. Secondly, this version can work well with a full frame camera. Being able to remove the hood translates into an image with no visual obstructions. (keep in mind the image will be round).

 Overall I recommend this lens. Here are a few pictures I took with the Rokinon 8mm ultra wide f3.5 fisheye lens..If you like any of these images and would love to have one of them on your wall, click the link below. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wizard World 2013

I had the opportunity to attend Wizard World 2013 in Philadelphia last weekend. I wanted to post some of the images that I took at the event. However, I thought it would be best to upload them on my Flickr account so people can find the images with ease. Here is the link to the pictures I took.

Wizard World 2013