Saturday, October 25, 2014

Night Lights

All Images taken with the Canon 6D using a 12mm to 24mm Tokina lens (at 20mm) at F18 with a 25 second shutter.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Double Exposure.

Since I first purchased my Canon 6D, I've been curious about double exposures. I always thought that they were difficult to create. And truthfully, I've only slightly moved from that opinion. This is because I've learned a few things about how they are created. For instance, I now know that they can be created  in camera and with software. This is useful because it allows me to see what works and what does work, without creating monstrosities in camera. Photoshop is an excellent learning tool that has giving me the confidence to dedicate future shoots strictly to doing double exposures. What software allows in a chance to see how low and high contract images blend in a non-destructive environment. So now I know that silhouettes are probably the best images to double expose. I've also learned that the best background images have consistent themes that are relatively simple.

As I learn more doing digital double exposures, I will incorporate that knowledge into in camera shooting. And, I'm looking forward to the learning process.

For now. I only have a couple shots that I've done thus far. I have no doubt I will get better as I learn  and practice more. I only hope you can appreciate my initial contributions.