Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Rokinon 8mm Ultra Fisheye lens In Manhattan

OK. When I get a new lens it is important to take it through it's paces and make sure it is worth keeping. So I took the Rokinon 8mm Ultra Fisheye lens on a field trip. My goal was to get more familiar with the lens and try to identify some good areas for my type of shooting. I mainly shot between 32nd & 8th avenue and 50th and 5th avenue. I was only able to observe a fraction of that area and I'm sure it will take awhile before I find   the holy grail. Still, it was a fun day and great opportunity. The weather was hot but dry and the sky had good detail. 

The lens continues to deliver. With it set at  f8 ( at 3 meters) I was able to get focus with no problem. The lens is consistent in its delivery. I didn't see any increase in chromatic aberrations or noticeable color shifting.  (Keep in mind this is a visual observation and not a technical one). It was easy to exchange with other lenses and light in weight (compared to my 12-24mm Tokina and 24-105 mm Canon L series lens). I personal think it's a lot like working with a Canon FD lens. 

To sum up my opinion of this lens, I'll just say it is a keeper. Here are a few of the shots I took with the Rokinon 8mm Ultra Fisheye lens in New York.