Sunday, February 4, 2018

Head Shoots using One Light

These head shots were taken in an impromptu situation. I was asked to take head shots. However, I didn't have the luxury of shooting in my makeshift studio. I had to travel to my client. So, I had to travel lite and only bring what was  necessary. In this case, I chose to bring the Yongnuo YN560 III speedlite, the Yongnuo RF-603C II trigger, a foldable softbox, a light stand and my Canon 6D with a Tamron  90mm (2.8f ). I also brought a reflector with a clamp. Almost everything fit into my backpack. I shot everything at 160 ISO. It was a simple shoot. But, hopefully it illustrates that you don't need a lot of equipment to get the job done. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

First trip to East State Penitentiary

I must admit. I never thought I would see the inside of a penitentiary. I am a clean cut guy with no nefarious deeds to my name. Plus, the though of incarceration makes me break out in sweat. However, my love of photography takes me to strange locations and infuses me with more tenacity then I thought possible. So, with my camera as my guide, I decided to take a tour of East State Penitentiary. This is a location that screams to be shot. No pun intended. The derelict walls and structures create a cornucopia of textures and shapes that allow for various angles on interest. The only issues I had with this location was the limited access. If you are a fan of architecture I recommend taking a tour. However, if you plan on taking pictures, I recommend you take these three things in mind. Firstly, bring a tripod or mono-pod.  Most of the  penitentiary is dark with beams of light cascading around the structure. A tripod with allow for longer exposures and cleaner images (Note the grain in the first image). Secondly, go early. The less people in the location the better. It decreases the likelihood that you will have to compete with a  someone else for a shot. Particularly, someone taking pictures with an ipod or iphone. A Three, try HDR. The second shot I provided below is an HDR image. By taking three images an combining them, I was able to gain more detail that I ever could with one exposure. As far as lenses and cameras, shoot with had you have and with what you like. It's an expression of your art. Not mind. Just have fun!

I will take my own advice an revisit the penitentiary. Next time I should get cleaner images, and hopefully, a few more interesting angle. I can't wait! Maybe I'll see you there!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Just Me

Just Me. Using the Canon 6D with the 70-200mm F4 at 70mm. One Yongnuo YN560III with a shoot through umbrella was used to light the scene.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Night Lights

All Images taken with the Canon 6D using a 12mm to 24mm Tokina lens (at 20mm) at F18 with a 25 second shutter.